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Meet Annie

About me

Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Ann-Marie Philip and here is a little information about who I am, and what I do.


I was born and raised in London, UK and I am currently living in the Swiss Alps.  

I would describe myself as a British girl who loves the nature and has a heart for the mountains & a big love for cats!


In my spare time I love to keep myself active and stimulated through various sports that help to maintain my continuous lust for learning new things. In the summer, you can expect to find me either longboarding, skateboarding, hiking, MTBing or relaxing on my SUP. In the winter months I enjoy snowboarding and ski touring. 


I am a Personal Trainer with over 4 years of experience. My journey into the fitness industry was born out of an injury. After suffering a sporting injury to my spine I became riddled with chronic back pain on a daily basis. This coupled with my full time office job and a lack of sufficient movement led to a downward pain cycle. 


Over time, I learnt how to strengthen myself, I learnt which exercises worked for me and which ones were best avoided. I am now living pain free and able to enjoy doing the things that I love to do thanks to targeted training. 


This experience inspired me to help others. I believe that movement is medicine for the body, and that a healthy and balanced amount of strength, mobility and flexibility, is good for us all.

The goals of my clients range from:

Fat loss & Muscle development

Sports specific targeted training 

Core strength for a Healthy back

Improvements to Mobility & Flexibility


Qualifications & Experience

Level 3 YMCAFit Advanced Personal Training

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer - CrossFit Freienbach

YMCAfit Kettlebell Professional

YMCAfit High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

YMCAfit Suspension Fitness/TRX

YMCAfit Padwork for PTs  

YMCA Awards Emergency First Aid 

CrossFit Scaling Course

Gymnastics Seminar with Pascal Bollmann

Mat Pilates trained with Polestar Education

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