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Personal Training

How can Personal Training help me?

With Personal Training, you can find an exercise programme that works specifically for you. I am passionate, open and kind, and will always provide you with training that suits your particular needs & desires. Perhaps you are suffering with low back pain and are in need of improving your core control? then we we work together safely and consistently. Or perhaps you are looking to gain new skills in your training? be it with the use of Kettlebells, barbells or other equipment? My experience and qualifications can help you to have fun, enjoyable training sessions.  

Take advantage of:

Training with or without equipment



Personal & Private


Body-Toning for all levels

& Cardio Fitness Support

Professional & Qualified Trainer


Pricing Plans

Face-to-Face or online


1 on 1 Private session: 150 CHF

10 Session Subscription: 1350 CHF (135 CHF per session)

1 on 1 Online: 70 CHF


Studio: Nikki's personal training, Talstrasse 24, 8852, Altendorf

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